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yo! busy times indeed, there´s a mini tour coming up, a release to be finished and lots of other stuff on my mind…

but, i saw this nice little documentary called HITECH SOUL by Gary Bredow, kinda focusing on the detroit scene and it´s roots, wich i thought i should share with you, cause it was really nice to watch….

the video info says:”HIGH TECH SOUL is the first documentary to tackle the deep roots of techno music alongside the cultural history of Detroit, its birthplace. From the race riots of 1967 to the underground party scene of the late 1980s, Detroit’s economic downturn didn’t stop the invention of a new kind of music that brought international attention to its producers and their hometown.” and i guess that pretty much says it all

it´s got all the classic dj´s and producers you can think of such as: Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Eddie Fowlkes, and the list goes on and on and on and on…..

to keep a long story short, go and check out the movie, and i should get busy…

here we go:
HITECH SOUL – the creation of techno music



ZOMBY “dedication” – a major step, soundwise

a while ago rich hooked me up with a record called “where were u in 92” by a guy called ZOMBY kinda dubstep with lots jungle beats and stuff going on really an amazing record – check it out:

anyway, this guy released a new record “dedication” wich is amazing!! a major step forward soundwise! this is not dancemusic or anything, it is a really deep record and i think the album title fits just perfect. i guess post- post- post- dubstep could be a good description…

check it out, i think this is amazing!



whatever summer brings – it might be FALTY DL

i´m sure that i mentioned before, that somehow, for some strange reason, finally “house” found it´s way to my heart. even though it might be my own twisted interpretation of the phrase…

anyway, i was diggin for some records, for the weekend, and i had this record in my hands, wich right now, is one of my favorites, and i wanted it to share with you…

i´m speaking of FALTY DL, a new york based artist, releasing records via planet mu, wich give you a clue that he might be on the more twisted side of beats.. check out planet mu´s page, they released some amazing stuff over the years, and are now dropping alot of nice juke/footworkrecords.. always very contemporary stuff..

but.. FALTY DL got this house feeling in his tracks, wich totally grabbed me… i guess “garage” fits as a genre.. i simply call it my summer soundtrack

check it out here

here´s a nice interview with the guy..



dope new hip hop vibes coming up

this time a neat soul jugglerz release grabbed my attention!

a guy from japan called BUDAMUNK released a record called “smoke deep” and it is 8 tunes full of bad ass dope shit! not only that, he´s also offering this ep for free!!

now go and get it >HERE<

seems like 2011 there´s finally some dope hip hop vibes comin up again!

check out that ill beats:



for the friends of free downloads

here´s another kinda short one before i´m gone again for another weekend.

mr. busy bee himself ELEMENT012 again released 2 (!!!) awesome records as usual for free! a live record and some new amazing studio tracks.

minimalistic minblowing bass music!


seems like the founder of stubenusicstio is now also doing zombie movies! gotta check this out!



kontext – dubs from the east

not long ago a friend told me about an artist called kontext alias stanislav sevostyanikhin from st. petersburg… and he played some tunes…
and to be honset, i kinda fell in love with that sound!
what i heard was an awesome mix of deep ambient dub/bass music & stepping beats. some might call it burial from the east.

this guy has released a truck load of records using varius aliases and he kinda got a new self titled record out on immerse records wich again is pure magic!

go check it out HERE!



echospace ….. as deep as it gets

busy days again so here´s a quick one i´ve ben listening alot to lately….

ECHOSPACE was a 2007 collaboration of Deepchord (a.k.a. Rod Modell) and Stephen Hitchell (a.k.a. Soultek).

they serve a real deep ambient, kinda dubby minimalistic sound, which is really perfect to chill to in times like these.

check out those tunes, and let yourself go……



Downtempo 1- Summer Music

Holding the Sun Image
Summer!! A collection of downtempo tracks that I think make good summer afternoon soundtracks.
Light and sweet.
When the only thing you have to worry about is sunburn and mosquito bites.
Jump to the Links and Read More


chrissy murderbot

well, well, well…..

i guess here´s another proof that not only the good looking guys can make it… this guy has got insane producer and dj skills!

i´m talking about chrissy murderbot! yes, the guy who´s doing a mix tape a week for one year showing off an awesome variety of genres and a very good taste. check it out for yourself at my year of mixtapes

on the other hand he´s really kicking it off producing class A juke / footwork / ghetto tech / house tracks

check it out here on soundcloud

or youtube…. kinda funny video…


here´s where the extra stuff starts! for those who know me it´s not a secret, that i never was a big house music fan, but this guy (still talking bout chrissy murderbot) released a 12″ called sleazetone party trax, and this shit is the bomb! combining juke / footwork elements with heavy danceable house music… call it ghetto tech or whatever – i luv those 4 little tracks!

it´s kinda hard to find anything about that release….. so if you ever see it grab it!!

but i´ve been diggin´deep so….
here we go!



Matty G – 95 Style Smooth

Monkeytek just turned me on to this new gem. Dreamy is the word he used. Exactly.
Got to hear it on a bass friendly system.