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New Dub 3 – Root Consumption

More Dub links !!! OK .. maybe this post isn’t totally
on the roots. Oh well…. in spirit

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Top Shelf Dub, Fresh Out the Box!!

Early Worm Avatar Graphic
Out of Toronto, Ontario
Early Worm , I believe, is one of the best contemporary Dub producers today.
This release is golden front to back.

Natty Droid by early worm


New Dub 2

Time for another dub tracks post.
With these dub posts I’m trying to find tracks that are basically roots dub… or
close to roots . That take advantage of the modern studio strengths.
Sometimes refixes, sometimes dubs, sometimes newly composed.

7FT Soundsystem
Bombs Over Belarus – live jam

From Capetown S.Africa. Great synth “squish”.

Mungo’s Hi-Fi Meets Brother Culture
Flagpole Dub

The mighty Mungo’s … this one has been my morning sonic launchpad for a few days. Coffee …check. Internet connection … check. Mungo’s … check.

Gappa G & Lucky B – Ubiquity (Morphy’s Dubwise Mix)

For a bit darker flavor. It don’t matter where you come from. It’s where your at.

Jah Billah
Droegenbwoys in FREEDOM DUB

Classic sounds from Zagreb, Croatia. Seems like theres more then a little bit of dub coming out of Croatia these days.
Free download.


Gussie P — Dub Ah Penetrate

Pump this one out of the biggest speakers you can find. If the systems big enough,
it’ll give your teeth a deep cleaning and make your intestines resistant to most poisons.

Thanks to Monkytek from Lo Dubs


New Dub

Don’t have to say alot for this post. Dub mostly speaks for itself.
My list of links to nice, fat, steamy bass joints is long enough for a post!!!

Earlyworm – Crawling From the Roots

This one… yeah … really do I have to say anything ? No words really.

Michael Prophet – Youthman (Richie Phoe dubplate Re-edit)

Ital Food

Two from Richie Phoe … the Michael Prophet Re-edit . I could listen to this bass for days nonstop and love every minute

EGOLESS – Rainbow Dub ft. Irie FM (Precise master, 12″ forth. Lo Dubs)

And another Lo Dubs Classic


Dub and Acid

Yeah….. A whole summer slipped by … oops. Well…. time to post some more. I think we will make a little revamp on the
subject matter all up in this little blog.
Maybe say …. anything interesting … with a special place in our hearts for all things bass.

Which brings us to my favorite mix of the moment from my good old friend and ex-partner
DJ Olive
As the post title says .. a mix of dub and acid … friggin genius.
Check it!!
DJ OLIVE-Let Us LIve Mix Graphic


grande rock

today i want to introduce you to three guys who manage to combine really kickin rock music (hey… i´m not talking about nickelback i´m speaking of the real deal….) and class A dub music. guess bad brains come to your mind… but i´m talking about the guys who worked with mike patton and matisyahu (yeah, you remember that jewish reggae guy, people are raving about).

i´m talking about the dub trio…. i saw them live several times, and man i tell you those guys rawk! forget the nerd behind the computer… trying to do some half baked dub shit… here´s some kid´s really knowing how to handle a instrument, and having fun playing them….. it´s really a pleasure watching those guys playing live… so if you ever get the chance, don´t miss it

so here´s a video of “real wicked ways” recorded at pianos, nyc back in 2004….

the track appeared on their 2004 debut album “exploring the dangers of“, released on roir


[kml_flashembed movie=""/]


First Post

(EDIT-This post was originally created in April 2010 when this blog was standing on wobbly legs)
OK …crack the bottle across the bow and cut the ropes . It may not actually be going on a journey for now, but it’s time to put this thing in the water. The intentions here are to make a blog about bass music. In it’s many forms . Although we are flexible .. may evolve into other things. Let’s let it float for a while and see.
As a first offering… a real gem … Babylon the movie. My man Dub Gabriel was nice enough to post it, in it’s entirety.
[kml_flashembed movie="" /]