Juke- Footwork

Juke/Footwork are going in so many directions …
Crunk vocals ..
or mixed with chip sounds, or …
my favorite …
mixed with Jungle classics.

Mi Ta Bek

First up! A Munchi track that mixes up tons of global samples and wraps it all up into a juke package.Truly wicked.
A link to the EP

Phillip D Kick
Adam f – circles (footwork edit)

Plus points for the coolest name of the week. Phillip D Kick released a 4 track EP of Jungle Footwork reworks on Rhythm Incursions about 3 months ago. The only distro was 100 downloads each
on Soundcloud. I only got the Adam F and Omni Trio ones. Phooey

DJ Taktix – Hornz for 94 (footwork edit)

He’s got alot more hybrids on the Soundcloud page … but they reach the download limit really fast

Untitled juke ‘n’ jungle hybrid

and another hybrid Jungle/Juke

MANNI DEE – Universal Symphony (Pixelord remix)

Juke from Moscow. Pixelord throws in a heap of chip sound into it.

DJ Killa
Dj KiLL DaT sHiT iTz A PaRtY

The second half … when the “It’s a party” sample drops.it’s nuclear !!!